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In September 2004, Chevrolet debuted Colorado, an all-new, midsize pickup that replaced its well-liked S-10 compact (the spawn of the LUV mini truck).

From a personalizing and customizing standpoint, it took a minute for the new rig to get acceptance. It was more substantial and far more potent, and as this kind of, initially thought of “too major” to really qualify as a mini truck by many difficult-main fanatics. Despite the naysay from small-truck enthusiasts, the very first-calendar year Colorado acquired Truck of the Year honors from Truckin journal.
In the next decades, the aftermarket produced wheels, body pieces, light units, and suspension hardware that supported modifying Colorado for road (usually two-wheel-drive) and off-highway (4-wheel-drive) use. On-road, the vans settled into a area of interest of their very own, with sporty styling and hot V-6 efficiency, and in a couple of situations we know of, ill V-8 electrical power, as well. In the grime, they joined Toyota’s Tacoma and the Ford Ranger as rigs that can very easily be set up for dunes, trails, rocks, and other tricky-main non-paved places.

1 appealing reality about Chevy’s Colorado (its GMC upscale sibling is the Canyon) is that its run has not been steady. Generation was halted in 2012, even however the truck gained a several minor modifications. The line refired in 2015 with a redesigned, second-generation Colorado that is extended, wider, taller, heavier, and far more powerful than the OG. Diesel electric power (2.8L Duramax LWN) was extra to the drivetrain lineup a 12 months later on, and the platform’s V-6 fuel engine was up-to-date and an 8-speed automated transmission included in 2017.

TruckTrend protected the basic defeat, and titles this kind of as Truckin, Diesel Electricity, and 4 Wheeler have finished their share of highlighting ‘Rados decked out for cruising or off-highway. In this article are ten tales about Colorados. Trucks far too major to be “tiny,” but cool nevertheless.

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