20 Best Games Released In March 2022

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March was a good month for gaming, as there were AAA titles, indie titles, expansions and DLC released that were more than enough to get gamers excited and give them plenty to play. You know, if you were done with Elden Ring…which we know you weren’t… Anyway, allow us to present the Best Games Released In March 2022!

#20 No Place Like Home

In No Place Like Home, you play as a young girl from Mars who visits her grandfather on an Earth that has been polluted heavily and thus abandoned by most. But, as you go to visit him, his farm has been destroyed, his animals are missing…and so is he.

Now, you must embark on a fun journey to rebuild his farm, the community, find the lost animals, figure out where your grandfather is, and save the environment at the same time!

This game is meant to be a light-hearted take on the farm building genre. You’ll go and recycle materials, work with animals, grow crops, enhance the environment, all the while exploring and seeing what’s out there.

Can you find your grandfather? Get in the game and find out!

#19 Wobbledogs

Have you ever wanted your own mutant dog? Well good…because you will in Wobbledogs. In this title, you’ll get your own set of mutating dogs and be tasked with raising them in this “relaxing” simulation experience.

Like taking care of actual pets, Wobbledogs has you taking in a “normal dog” at first, but as they grow, they change and mutant, and you’ll have to adapt to that. You’ll need to build them a home, show them love, and take care of their every need.

Is it weird? Oh yeah, but sometimes that’s what you need.

#18 Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

It should be telling that Square Enix has two games in the top 5 of this list, because they really make good games.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an “alternate universe prequel” to the original Final Fantasy game, featuring characters being brought into a world where they must return crystals of light to where they belong in order to fight the Chaos that is around them.

The game boasts not just a deep world and character, but the “Final Fantasy series most challenging and strategic battles”! So yeah, it’s boasting a lot for this “prequel” game.

The bottom line is that this is yet another way for Final Fantasy to flex its muscles, and that’s not exactly a bad things. Reviews have been mixed. We might not have had the best experience with this game but others seem to really enjoy their time playing through the campaign.

#17 Midnight Ghost Hunt

Ready for a horror story?

Or at least, a tongue-in-cheek version of one? In Midnight Ghost Hunt, you’ll be on a team of four, and two teams will have two very different missions. If you are the Ghost Hunters, you’re in charge of making sure that the ghosts/spirits of various areas don’t continue to thrive in their haunted domain.

If you’re the ghosts, your job is to hide from the hunters and then bombard them with objects within the house. You have until midnight to complete your mission, so may the best team win.

Whether you’re alive or dead, you have a job to do, and part of the fun is working together with your teammates in order to get that job done. Who will last, who will win? Jump in and find out.

#16 Elex 2

Elex 2 continues the story of the original game but puts its own spin and upgrades on things so that you can have a truly fresh experience.

” Several years after Jax defeated the Hybrid, a new threat arrives from the sky, unleashing the dangerous powers of dark Elex and endangering all life on the planet.”

You’ll play as Jax once again and must go on the arduous mission of uniting everyone against the threat, all the while finding his son who is lost.

The hand-crafted world of Elex 2 is not just full of details, but full of freedom in terms of movement. You get a jetpack to explore it in, how cool is that? Add that to deep action and story and this is a title you’ll want to play.

#15 Weird West

What if the “Wild, Wild West” was anything but wild, but rather, it was fantastical? Weird West gives you the opportunity to go into a place that is just that. Because here, cowboys and outlaws aren’t alone in the west. Here there be monsters.

You’ll take on the role of a group of heroes, and it’s your job to not only take them on a journey, but make choices that will determine their fate, and the legends they leave behind. Every single playthrough can be different depending on how you play the title. Not just because of choices you make, but how you interact with people, factions and more.

In short, it’ll take more than your guns to survive this place!

#14 Coromon

If you’re thinking that Coromon is a take on titles like Pokemon and Digimon…then you get a gold star, because that’s exactly what this is.

The game has you becoming a “battle researcher” (right…) and on your first day, a mysterious group go and destroy it. Because of course they do. Now, you must collect and train a group of Coromon in order to find out what happened.

With over 100 Coromon to collect, fight and raise, you’ll have a lot of variety to choose from. Add that to a large world and you’ll see that this is more than just a take on a classic genre.

#13 Tunic

Who wants to play as a fox? Anyone? Ok, good, because Tunic is an isometric adventure and action title that lets you do just that.

You’ll enter a ruined land where you must not only explore, but fight huge monsters, collect various items to make yourself stronger, and uncover the secrets of what this land is.

The interconnected world is something to be on the lookout for, including as you reconstruct your “instruction manual” to help reveal all that is out there. The combat is no slouch either as you’ll need to be mindful to power through, parry, and dodge an assortment of bad guys.

This game has a lot for you to uncover, do you think you can actually do it? There might be some rewards if you do…

#12 Hero’s Hour

Hero’s Hour is a game that mixes a lot of RPG elements together to try and create something unique, and it might just be that.

In this game, you’ll play the role of hero (duh), and in this top-down experience you’ll go and explore the world, fight enemies, build up the town you are a part of, make an army of warriors to fight alongside you, have massive battles, and try and survive the world in general.

So yeah, that old chestnut.

The game is procedurally generated, meaning that every time you play a new game there will be new lands, new challenges, new enemies and more ways to go about getting victory. And your own hero has 22 different classes they can be.

So start your journey, and see where it takes you.

#11 Shadow Warrior 3

This was a game that actually kicked off the month of March.

Shadow Warrior 3 puts you in the role of a “fallen corporate shogun” (that’s a title?) Lo Wang. …going to leave that alone.

Anyway, you and your “sidekick” just so happen to release an ancient dragon that causes the apocalypse on your world. Oops. Now, it’s up to you two to go put that genie back into the bottle. But it’s going to be anything but a simple task. Not the least of which is because it will require you to go to war with both real and supernatural enemies armed with a mix of bullets, magic, and really sure footing.

This game is over the top from the word go, and yet, that’s part of what might just make it so enticing to some of you.

#10 Ghostwire Tokyo

For many, Ghostwire Tokyo was a title that had the potential to be a “game-changer” in certain ways. It…didn’t live up to the hype, but it’s still a solid title with a unique twist on setting and gameplay and such.

In the game, you play as a young man who is caught up in a massive supernatural event that makes everyone in Tokyo disappear. You’re only saved when the spirit of a ghostly detective possesses your body in order to complete its own goals. But when you realize that the being behind the madness is after your sister, you must team up to take it down and save everyone.

The game puts you in a Tokyo (obviously) that is overrun by supernatural forces, and you must use a combination of magic and might to send them packing via hand movements. All the while, you’ll explore the land and go to iconic locations in hopes that you’ll learn more about how to stop what’s coming.

#9 FAR: Changing Tides

Ok, yes, we know that FAR: Changing Tides came out in February and not March, but it was late February so…close enough?

FAR: Changing Tides puts you in the shoes of a young boy named Toa. Who has awoken to find that his world is a ruin and now must travel via his mysterious ship to see where he can call home next. The game prides itself on its atmospheric setting, as well as keeping you aware of what’s going on with not just your ship, but the world around you. As to keep going you’ll need to have a deep understanding of your ship, as well as activating various things in the world to allow your path to open.

The more you explore, the more you will learn about the world, and what happened to it.

#8 Gran Turismo 7

How about a racing title next? Gran Turismo 7 was announced all the way back in 2020, so it coming out in March was very much a long time coming kind of thing. And for those who wanted a beautifully detailed and fun racing experience will likely enjoy this.

This game is not only boosting the look though, but ensuring that you have plenty to enjoy gameplay-wise. As it brings back your singleplayer campaign in GT Simulation Mode, so you can work up your skills before racing others. Other returning features is the return of traditional racing tracks and vehicles, Special Events, Championships, Driving School, Tuning Parts Shop, Used Cars dealership, and GT Auto while still retaining the new GT Sport Mode, Brand Central, and Discover.

Now yes, not all the features are fun, and microtransactions are in the title. But the beauty of this game might just be enough to make you not think about it…as much.

#7 WWE 2K22

It’s fitting that we’re talking about a WWE title right after their “Grandest Stage” in Wrestlemania. WWE 2K22 was in many ways a “last resort” in terms of this series. Why? Because previous versions were so bad they were downright laughable, and so the 2K team took a year off to make sure that this would work…and it did.

The game not only gives you a deep gameplay experience, as well as improved visuals, but new controls, new modes, and more. For example, you can be a General Manager of your own brand and try to manage the show yourself to see if you can do better than WWE (hint, you likely can…).

Or, you can do the “Create-A-Character” mode, build them from the ground up and try and make your own career as a WWE superstar.

To be fair, not EVERYTHING works, and there are some key things that should be added next go around. But as the “life ring” of the series? WWE 2K22 does stand out in many good ways.

#6 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Persona has been riding a wave of fan love and success ever since Persona 5 came out (and for good reason!), so it was only natural that Atlus would do their best to give people a previous title for them to enjoy. And such is the case with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

This time around, you’ll be playing in the Persona 4 Arena version of the game, which if you couldn’t tell, was a fighting game title. You’ll get to play as a nice amount of characters from both Persona 4 and Persona 3, each of whom have unique skills for you to try and learn and master in fierce battles.

Plus, the original P4A story mode is in the game, so you’ll get to dive deeper into this world of Persona.

#5 Aperture Desk Job

Yeah, you should’ve known that Valve would find its way onto this list, but sadly, it’s not for Half-Life 3, or Portal 3, or Team Fortress 3…that’s a lot of 3’s…

Rather, it’s for Aperture Desk Job, a walking simulator that is not just free, but meant to perfectly utilize the power of their new system the Steam Deck.

They make it clear that this isn’t meant to be anything grand, but it is something set in the universe of Portal as you’ll be a new member of Aperture via their science department. Your “new guy” will be someone who has a lot of “hopes and dreams” about their job…and gets put behind a desk. Oh well.

It’s a free game, and it’s from Valve, so that should be enough for some of you, right?

But don’t give up on Half-Life 3…not yet……..not yet…

#4 Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Death Stranding as a game was…unique. Which is par for the course given that it was from the mind of Hideo Kojima, so what else could you expect from a guy like him?

Regardless, the game puts you in the roll of Sam Bridges, who is an almost literal bridge to the remnants of America, as it has been decimated by creatures from the ‘other side’ of life.

Now, you must reconnect the country in order to try and bring things back to where they once were, if that is even possible.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut gives you the best version of the game. As you’ll get not only an increased framerate, but a Photo Mode, ultra wide screen support, crossover content, and more.

This game is STILL not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#3 Triangle Strategy

For those who have been wanting a deep RPG experience with a DEEP narrative story, then Triangle Strategy is for you. In this game, you’ll play as Serenoa Wollfort, a bannerman for the Kingdom of Glenbrook whose arranged marriage is only the start of a deep tale of discovery, betrayal, choices, freedom, and beyond.

Three kingdoms reside within your land, and your choices will decide whom you band together with, fight against, and the fate of your lands.

Triangle Strategy brings back the Final Fantasy Tactics style gameplay to great effect, and gives you plenty of characters to build up your perfect fighting force.

All the while, test yourself on the Scales of Conviction, and make key decisions that will decide your path…and your fate.

#2 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

It’s almost poetic that a spinoff games of a beloved franchise nearly topped this list. But make no mistake, if you partake in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands…you’re going to be in for a fun ride.

If you don’t recall, the original DLC content, Tiny Tina is a person who plays the Borderlands version of D&D, and in her new game, she’ll be the DM as you create your own character and wade across this world of fantasy…and lots of guns. What, it’s a Borderlands spinoff, of course it was going to have guns!

Arguably the best part about the game is the customization of your character. You’ll have freedom like never before as you build your character to be as powerful and epic as you want it to be.

Add that to the usual Borderlands comedy, the guns, the action, and so on, and you’ll be in wonder…in these lands.

#1 Kirby and the Forgotten Land

What? You don’t think this was the best game to release in March? Well I do! Kirby and the Forgotten Land in many ways is a game built for those who want to have fun, whimsy, and yet still have a challenge as they play.

No, it’s not an Elden Ring level of difficulty, but it’s still fun and has a LOT of creativity going for it. In the game, Kirby and co. are sucked into another dimension, and the Waddle Dees are kidnapped! It’s up to Kirby to free them all, and figure out what’s going on in this new place.

What really sets this game apart is the level design and creativity. Kirby games have never been this open, this expansive, and this creative. And that’s saying something!

Between Mouthful Mode, upgrading weapons, fun bosses, and more, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a game that shines.