6.7L Ford Electricity Stroke Engine Widespread Troubles

Continuing our informal “sequence” on diesel-motor problems—common, and, not-so-common—we’re concentrating our attention on the Ford 6.7L Electrical power Stroke (code name “Scorpion”), an engine created solely by Ford engineers and assembled totally in-home that is utilised in Super Responsibility rigs from 2011 to currently.

The “six-seven” has confirmed itself to be a good engine in the close to-ten years it has been about. There are 3 generations of the powerplant: 2011-2014 (First), 2015-2019 (Second), and the Third-gen torque monster (1,050 lb-ft) found in 2020-2021 F-Series vans. By means of the yrs, we have identified that 1st-gen Ford 6.7L diesels are the most problematic, but difficulties generally span by way of the complete operate.

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Injection-Pump Fail
The injection pump is the Achilles heel for all 6.7L Electricity Stroke engines prior to 2020. The pump, a Bosch CP4.2, is recognized for breaking down thanks to steel-on-metallic get hold of that is promoted by air within the pump. The contamination can wholly destroy the gasoline technique (injectors, stress regulators, traces, etcetera.) and warrant extremely high priced repairs.

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Leaks, and Bad Bearings
Early variations of the oil burner can working experience broken glow plugs—which can be catastrophic—and flaws in the key inventory radiator and at the coolant inlet on the turbocharger that lead to leaks. Whilst glow-plug breakage can trigger intense damage to the engine, ceramic ball-bearings in the turbo (2011-2012 engines) in the long run are the most important worry, as their failure’s commonality is akin to how common 6.0L EGRs have complications.

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Not Awesome
Amazingly, the EGR coolers in 6.7L Energy Stroke engines are also relating to. Even though they do not just straight-up fall short like 6.0L and 6.4L coolers are acknowledged for executing, the 6.7L models are inclined to going through serious soot buildup (Diagnostic Hassle Code P0401 verifies this), eventually to a position the place replacing the whole cooler is necessary.

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NOx’d Out
There have not been a great deal of electrical troubles with the 6.7L Energy Stroke, but a issue with NOx sensors on very first-gen engines (by 2013) is prevalent and critical sufficient for us to consist of in this rundown. A sensor’s failure causes the ECM to command “Limp Method,” which renders a truck seriously underpowered.

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