ATV Trails at Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park

The Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park can be found in Alexander County, North Carolina. This park is friendly to ATV riders, Motorcycle riders, and UTV riders and has been in business for several years. Most of the trails are marked one way which keeps riders from playing chicken head-on which is very nice. Motorcycle riders who are looking for tight trails are sure to feel at home here because they have many trails designated just for them.

This park was chosen for it rave reviews online, and because we needed an honest to goodness proving ground for the new Linhai-Yamaha 400 4×4 ATV. We quickly unloaded and went over to the sign in station to pay the fee and sign the liability waivers that I like to call the “Not our fault if you get hurt or die” papers. The attendants quickly came over to check out our brand new Linhai Big Horn ATV, and to make sure we had all the proper safety equipment like helmets, riding boots, and gloves.

Now that the formalities were out of the way, a push of a button later the engine started with a throaty growl and I pointed the brand new ATV that had never seen mud before up the mountain trail. The trail started off with a couple jumps and quick turns up a moderate incline, but it was plenty wide enough not to feel threatened very much. The trails were still peppered with large mud holes from the early spring rain and my riding partners behind me will agree that I made sure they wore as much of it as I could spray on them if they got too close to my ATV.

Further up the trails, the conditions quickly changed from Beginner level to white and orange DANGER signs around every turn. Steep hill climbs combined with very rocky terrain put my new ride to the test and I quickly engaged the four wheel drive. It seemed to be powering along pretty well right up until I came around a blind uphill turn where another rider was stuck right in the middle of the trail.

You must understand that this section of the trail was not a place to stop because of the degree of incline, and my Linhai ATV once stopped on the mountainside, stalled, then started rolling rapidly down the hill despite the brakes being fully applied. I jumped off just in time before is rolled right off the side and continued until a tree stopped it 20 feet off the trail. After several hours we got it back on the trail and I cursed myself for being too cheap to add on the winch option. I was really excited when it cranked back up with one push of the button, and the only damage was the left rear plastic fender was broken and the rear metal rack was bent pretty bad.

When I got back to the entrance, I broke out the wrench and proceeded to add a portion of my brand new ATV to the totem pole. I ordered a new fender and a winch for it that night and plan to ride there again very soon.

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