Extang Trifecta ALX Tonneau Deal with Evaluate

There are a terrific offer of strengths to introducing a tonneau go over to any pickup bed. These handles make it possible for truck homeowners to preserve goods in the bed out of the sun, dry from the rain, and absent from sticky fingers. They permit you the liberty to quit for lunch devoid of stressing about the precious developing materials within as effectively as giving peace of brain when you leave a stroller in the truck overnight. Bed addresses have also been demonstrated to a bit boost gas economy and can even include price on the utilised current market.

Confident, there are still naysayers and purists who will usually want a fully open mattress. Even so, in this day and age there is a mattress cover for just about every particular person and condition. There are challenging handles, comfortable covers, handles that roll, and handles that fold. There are even motorized covers that choose any perform out of opening the bed up for use. We’ve applied many distinctive forms of tonneau handles in excess of the many years, and by significantly our favourite to use are the tri-fold models.

For our most recent put in we turned to the industry experts at Extang and picked up the firm’s newest mattress include, the Trifecta ALX, for our 2020 Ford F-250 Super Responsibility. The Trifecta ALX packs all of the great options of Extang’s greatest-offering Trifecta 2. but provides the usefulness of a rotary knob for relieve of unlatching and an automated latching perform for additional safety. The Trifecta ALX is topped with a new Ancona pebble-grained fabric and has a robust plane-grade aluminum frame.

The Trifecta ALX attaches to the truck’s mattress with a pair of clamps, and the weather seal is absolutely adhesive cost-free. What this means is not only does the Trifecta ALX look great and protect the mattress, but it truly is also extremely effortless to set up and leaves practically nothing behind when removed. The Extang Trifecta ALX tonneau include costs about $450 and comes with a life span warranty.


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From opening the box to disposing of mentioned box, the Extang Trifecta ALX set up took us 40 minutes (such as stopping for pics). If another person have been to review the installation recommendations and video provided by Extang whilst waiting around for supply, and with no halting for pictures together the way, we are confident the set up time can be cut down to a lot less than a 50 %-hour.

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The Extang Trifecta ALX tonneau deal with ships thoroughly assembled in a big box. The deal is large but not particularly large, so it’s simply manageable and can be transported by normal shipping and delivery providers.

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There are a few of items that have to have special attention even though unpacking the Trifecta ALX tonneau cover. To start with are the two brackets that are made use of to protected the address to the pickup bed. These are situated on the aluminum crossbar that receives mounted closest to the cab.

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Also on this similar crossbar are the pair of retention straps. All of these can be unwrapped at this issue, and then the address can be positioned loosely on the mattress of the truck.

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At the tailgate aspect you’ll will need to make observe of the Trifecta ALX’s sealing fins. When changing the go over, the 1st two fins require to make get in touch with with the leading of the tailgate.

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It really is also critically crucial, if your truck has a plastic mattress rail cap like ours, that you make certain the plastic cap does not prolong down below the sheetmetal of the mattress underneath. If the plastic does lengthen down below the metal, as Extang has discovered to be the scenario on 2021 Ford F-150s and 2009 to 2019 Ram 1500s, for instance, it will want to be trimmed so that the mounting clamps can securely grab the steel beneath.

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Just before you clamp the Trifecta ALX tonneau go over in area, it wants to be centered on the bed. This can usually be carried out by just eyeballing the alignment (most bed caps have lines on them that make this portion simple), but it never hurts to split out the tape evaluate.

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With the address centered, you can tighten the two hold-down clamps situated at the entrance of the deal with. These two clamps will need to only be hand tightened and call for no tools for assembly. If you glance carefully at the picture, you are going to see what we imply about securing to the metallic powering the plastic bed rail cap.

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Apparently, the Trifecta ALX tonneau deal with also arrives with a pair of tethers, also situated on the front aluminum crossbar. These tethers clamp to the bed rails close to the hold-down clamps and are incorporated as a safety measure in scenario 1 of the clamps were being to arrive free or fail.

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The striker brackets are the only piece of the Extang Trifecta ALX install that could search distinct based what variety of pickup the go over is currently being installed on. The package for our 2020 Ford F-250 Tremendous Responsibility came with the pair of striker brackets and the needed Torx and Allen wrenches.

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To install the striker brackets, we shut the protect and aligned the latch to the striker. The striker bracket then sandwiches the mattress rail lip and is tightened with the furnished Torx wrench.

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Next, the latches on the Trifecta ALX address are modified to the right width so that they make excellent call with the striker. As soon as aligned, the latches are snugged with the lesser of the two furnished Torx wrenches.

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Lastly, the latch actuator system and latch launch cables are tightened in their ultimate site with the provided Torx and Allen wrenches.

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What will make the Extang Trifecta ALX tonneau protect unique is the rotary launch knob. The common Trifecta 2. uses a pair of clamps on each aspect that want to be manually engaged or disengaged to work the address. The Trifecta ALX employs the rotary knob to quickly release the latches to enable the cover to fold. When closing the Trifecta ALX, the new latches immediately and securely close and latch the include devoid of the hazard of forgetting to protected the latches.

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We’ve grown to want comfortable tri-fold tonneau addresses more than other types for a number of explanations. They are pretty multipurpose, with the folding means rapidly making it possible for for larger hundreds in the pickup bed. We enjoy the ease of opening for access. And we get pleasure from the simple fact that in minutes, with 1 particular person, the entire protect can be taken out when the full open up mattress is desired.