How a Lava Battery Heat Shield Can Preserve Your Auto Battery Alive Longer

One particular issue most auto lovers, particularly off-roaders, have no difficulty paying out a ton of income on is a higher-top quality battery. This is primarily important for overlanding or hardcore off-roading the place you are running substantial-drain electric powered extras like lights, winches, fridges, inverters, and other products. Not to mention, if you’re undertaking hardcore rock crawling with a manual transmission and use the starter motor to creep more than hurdles when obtaining likely following halting. But despite all the revenue we toss at substantial-amperage, extensive-existence automotive batteries, we frequently do not imagine about what the rigors of an auto’s underhood natural environment can do to this most important element. Kill your battery, and you are not heading any place except if you have the indicates to force-begin or get a jumpstart. So a little extra coverage to enable keep your battery from finding cooked and extending its life need to be a no-brainer.

Heatshield Solutions is a company that will make substantial-top quality thermal protection items for a lot of parts of your car, and its new Lava battery warmth protect looks to be just the matter for defending your auto’s battery. It truly is built to slip about the perimeter of the battery scenario and can face up to ongoing temperatures of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 2,000 levels Fahrenheit of intermittent warmth. The Lava battery warmth shield is pre-lower to in good shape Team 34 and Team 78 sized batteries, with additional tailor-suit battery dimension purposes coming quickly. Check them out, alongside with Heatshield Products’ other choices at