How to compare prices of Airport parking and pay less:

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When parking your car at the airport, it is important to know the costs involved. Parking in the wrong parking area can cost you a fortune, and you will return from your trip with a very large parking bill. Knowing the average parking cost of the airport you are visiting is one of the first things you should look at when planning your trip. The second is whether or not you will need car rental, but that is not the focus of the article. There are a few factors that influence the cost of parking at the airport. 

In this article, we will go through these factors and how they influence the cost of airport parking. 

Proximity to the airport terminal:

Parking areas closer to the airport, such as airport owned parking, will cost you more and is the most expensive option due to its convenience. These parking areas are on the grounds of the airport, and are usually within walking distance. Parking areas such as offsite parking areas will be cheaper as they are not within airport grounds, but you will need a shuttle to get to the airport terminal. The furthest but overall cheapest option is hotel airport parking. These are lots owned by hotels. They are roughly within a 5 mile radius of the airport, and offer a shuttle service to the terminals. You are able to pre-book a parking spot at a hotel airport parking lot.


Parking your car just anywhere is risky and could end up with items stolen out of your vehicle, or even the vehicle itself. Make sure to check out the safety and security of all the available parking options available when going to the airport. 

Security at an airport lot is sufficient, but it is still not advisable to leave any valuables in your car. At an offsite airport parking lot, you can be guaranteed the highest level of security as the owners would be more invested in customer service than an airport. Hotel airport parking lots are the most unsafe parking areas of the three.

How long your car will be parked in the parking lot:

The length of time you will require parking for your vehicle directly affects the cost of the parking. Parking rates are split into daily, short term and long term rates.

Airport owned parking lots, off site parking lots and hotel parking areas all offer these parking rates. A daily rate will cost you more than a short term rate would. The cheapest option when it comes to parking your vehicle at an airport parking lot, regardless of which one you are parking in, is a long term option. Most airports offer discounts for longer periods. Always make sure to check the terms and conditions associated with parking your car at the airport. And read the customer reviews available for the airport you will be visiting. These are often helpful when it comes to making the decision of where you will be parking your car.