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With no spark involved in a diesel engine’s combustion, air and gasoline are the lone substances that make the system happen, and copious quantities of each and every are really important if you want to have any opportunity of raising an oil burner’s efficiency.

For most diesel engines, escalating intake-air strain and volume is very best attained by incorporating larger or various turbochargers or nitrous oxide.

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On the other hand, despite the great importance of supplemental air, ramping a diesel’s fuel move has prolonged been the certain way to raise horsepower and uber-important torque, and there are various distinct means to transform factors up. For early, mechanically fueled oil-burners, the very simple adjustment of a mixture screw (bolt) is all which is necessary. But in the popular “typical-rail” diesel space, injector-dimension and fuel-pump output subject most, as perfectly as ECM calibration, which in the end manages reported fuel system components and assures they perform optimally at all situations.

MotorTrend’s truck authors have penned many studies on fueling, providing insights on the best diesel-injection sections and how to choose and put in them, as very well as excellent concept information and facts about the way injectors and pumps operate. This piece spotlights 10 of our most effective diesel-injection posts to assistance new viewers realize the diesel-fueling process, or only allow veteran followers to wax nostalgic for a several minutes.

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