May 24, 2022


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INFICON Develops New Handheld Hydrogen Leak-Detection Probe | State

DETROIT, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — INFICON, a specialist in the progress of leak-detection know-how for the auto marketplace, is introducing a new handheld probe geared up with a hydrogen sensor that will be lighter, more quickly and less difficult to use than models presently readily available.   

The new StrixTM sensor and hand probe are preferably suited for leak tests a extensive vary of automotive techniques and factors, together with engine assemblies, air-conditioning methods, battery circumstances, brake strains and fuel devices.

Thomas Parker, INFICON’s North American automotive gross sales manager, notes that Strix is 30 per cent lighter than the company’s P60 hand probe. The tip of the Strix probe also is 12.5 p.c smaller for less difficult entry to difficult-to-arrive at checkpoints.

Strix programs are quicker and more accurate as properly. Complicated algorithms built for Strix by INFICON growth engineers in Sweden shorten measurement instances, increase accuracy and  speed recovery times when in comparison to equivalent handheld techniques. 

The Strix sensor has an envisioned life time of a person year or a lot more, lowering over-all ownership expenses and downtime for substitute when in comparison to sensors that have to have substitute 3 to 4 periods a year.

Related to an INFICON Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector, Sentrac Strix methods use a non-flammable combination of hydrogen and nitrogen as a tracer gas to discover leaks. Hydrogen is conveniently readily available in most nations at a significantly decreased charge than helium-dependent tracer fuel.

With forming gas injected into the product or service, these as a refrigerant circuit, an operator can then use the probe to detect escaping fuel. A Sentrac Strix leak detector does not draw gasoline into the device for investigation. Rather, the sensor is found at the suggestion of the probe to even further strengthen response time and decrease dust build up in the instrument to lower servicing prices.

“Our Strix sensor responds a lot quicker, provides a obvious sign and supplies intuitive steering, aiding the operator to simply pinpoint and quantify leaks,” Parker explains. “The new sensor also recovers more quickly following detecting a leak, rapidly returning to its typical point out even just after higher publicity to tracer fuel. With the signal clearing quickly, the operator is capable to help save time and continue leak lookups with no delay.”

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He provides that even incredibly large leaks can be discovered without oversaturating the detector. Strix also handles large history levels of hydrogen, enabling leak queries to continue on even if a workstation is momentarily contaminated with escaped forming fuel.

The Sentrac Strix Version also is built for suppliers of refrigeration and air-conditioning methods where satisfactory leakage fees typically are really low. For instance, the refrigeration field could set an appropriate leakage rate for some components in grams for every 12 months. 


INFICON is one particular of the world’s leading developers, producers and suppliers of instruments and products for leak detection in air conditioning, refrigeration and automotive manufacturing. The company has production amenities in Europe, China and the United States, as effectively as product sales and company offices all over the world. More information and facts about INFICON automotive engineering is available online at

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