Pickup Truck Cabs Defined

A person of the actually awesome matters about pickup trucks is the huge range of manufacturers and versions (previous and current) that are presently on the street, or even parked in garages and barns, ready to develop into challenge builds.

Vehicles vary in size, drivetrain, suspension, degrees of capacity, and many other qualities. Having said that, one particular component—the cab—is something that, regardless of becoming offered in four styles, is unanimously popular to all pickups.

“Taxi” is the shorter-sort expression for a truck’s cabin or interior area, which includes seating and motor vehicle controls for the driver, as very well as passenger seats and once in a while region for storage. It is the Command Middle, so to talk. The level from which a rig is commonly operated, and exactly where what ever creature comforts it has are liked.

We have often listened to people check with what the dissimilarities are involving truck cabs. Very well, the configuration alternatives basically are extremely simple. Normal/Common, Prolonged, Double, and Crew, are the 4 primary cab setups, which, from a passenger-capacity viewpoint, escalate in measurement from small to large. Though we open up this report with a shot of a radical customized Toyota, multi-doorway (far more than 4) vehicles are not involved in this rundown.

The names producers give these rigs is the principal cause for confusion (primarily where Quad cab is a design and style, but Ram takes advantage of Quad taxi for its Extended-, and Crew-cab vehicles). This quick breakdown pickup truck cabs, with photographs, will help you much better fully grasp the dissimilarities.

Pickup Truck Cabs

Common (Regular)

The OG of pickup cabs! Conventional (“Frequent” in late-design parlance) cabs are the two-doorway cockpits that date again 1896, the calendar year Gottleib Daimler’s first truck was released to the environment. In addition to a driver, and offered there is seating to assist it, standard-taxi rigs typically can accommodate two supplemental passengers. Other than a glovebox, the small location powering the seatback is the only storage place available in a standard cab.


Currently, persons are speedy to contact 4-door pickup vans “crew cab.” As we make clear somewhere else in this report, the tag does not implement to all of them, specially when Extended-taxi rigs will have to be viewed as. Extended cabs do have 4 doors. On the other hand, their back doorways are rear-hinged (like “suicide doors” on an old Lincoln Continental), and open up backwards…following the doorway in front of it is opened. Prolonged-cab pickups have really restricted seating/storage driving the driver/entrance-passenger area. It truly is Okay for compact children, but most adults probably are not able to sustain using a long ride in the rear area of an prolonged cab.

Below are manufacturers’ names for well-liked Prolonged-taxi pickup trucks:

GM: Double Cab, Prolonged Cab
Ford: SuperCab
Dodge Ram: Quad Cab
Nissan: King Taxi
Toyota: Accessibility Cab/Tacoma, Double Taxi/Tundra


This is a design where the naming tends to get perplexed. Double cabs are at times named Quad cabs. GM calls its Extended-cab rigs Double cabs. For this instance, a “Double cab” is a truck that seats six folks, and essentially has four doors that open usually. Nevertheless, the rear doors generally are smaller sized than the truck’s front doorways. A Double-cab’s interior place is drastically improved above an Extended cab’s, yet the truck’s overall length stays the similar.

In this article are manufacturers’ names for well-liked Double-cab pickup vehicles:

GM: Double Taxi
Toyota: Double Cab


The most significant cab confusion comes in this place, as Crew cabs and Quad cabs appear to always be referred to incorrectly (specifically for Ram rigs). Yes, the two are nearly equivalent and equally seat 6. But, rear doorways are larger (whole dimension) on Crew cabs, and there is far more area in the rear-passenger space.

Here are manufacturers’ names for preferred Crew-taxi pickup vehicles:

GM: Crew Taxi
Ford: SuperCrew
Ram: Quad Taxi
Nissan: Crew Cab
Toyota: Double Taxi/Tacoma, CrewMax/Tundra

Extended Crew

Gargantuan Crew-cab pickups are referred to as Prolonged Crew cabs. Ram at this time offers this style, the Mega Cab, which functions a super-sized inside, and supplemental storage driving the rear seats.

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