Stellantis Cutting Expenses By Reducing Bogs at Fiat Plants

Cost-chopping is crappy business—but normally, which is simply because it will involve laying off personnel, closing factories, killing off fun vehicle traces, and so on. Ideal now in Italy, however, Stellantis is utilizing a collection of price-slicing measures at several Fiat factories—including the 1 that builds the new 500—that has employees and the unions symbolizing them pink-faced and clammy.

Stellantis, you see, is a new automotive conglomerate born from Fiat Chrysler and PSA Group’s recent merger, and it is doing work to lower labor expenditures at Fiat crops in Italy, an work that’s close to clogging up as employee opposition piles up. And it really is not mainly because these employees are dropping their positions, which Stellantis has promised to continue to keep. But the enterprise is hunting to save almost $6 billion annually with out closing any crops. Money’s gotta be flushed from somewhere, and according to Automotive News, Stellantis has zeroed in on the expense cost savings it can pinch off of bogs.

The efforts are making headlines in Italy, despite the fact that it is really unclear if this is a prime-down directive or plant managers’, ahem, artistic response to a general request to lower charges. Moves are afoot to reduce toilet cleaning shifts and “temperatures” alongside with cutting the amount of bathrooms available.

Unions are not taking the information sitting down. Some have famous that with COVID-19 nonetheless a worry, lessening toilet counts could also dump on social distancing initiatives. Others claim that their plants are running at complete capacity—so, much too, presumably are their commodes. As an automotive publication, we acquire umbrage with any individual on the lookout to lower seat time for our readers—admit it, there is a excellent likelihood you happen to be reading this from your porcelain office—so to Stellantis, we say this: Slice the crap and preserve a buck in other places.