Tesla Dangerously Coal-Rolled By Reckless Pickup Truck Driver

As you may see in the movie under, a diesel pickup truck driver not only intentionally coal-rolls a Tesla, but also places people’s life at chance. He swerves again and forth on the highway, cuts the driver off consistently whilst blowing the black soot at the automobile, and worst of all, he slams on his brakes in the approach.

Brake-examining, swerving, and slicing a person off on the highway are already incredibly ignorant and harmful behaviors. Incorporate the fact that the intentional coal-rolling will make it harder for the Tesla driver to see, and we have a recipe for catastrophe in this article. Retain in head, the person driving the car is a young woman with a little one in tow. We are not able to even consider how this truck driver would have felt if he triggered an incident that killed a kid.

For people who are not seriously acquainted with coal-rolling, it generally usually means the diesel pickup truck driver experienced the truck modified to intentionally spew again soot into the air. After a car or truck has been modified to do this, it just normally takes a drive on the gasoline pedal to fill the air with smelly black soot, which not only makes it difficult to see, but also leaves filthy residue on anything it lands on.

While coal-rolling is practically nothing new, it looks there is certainly a modern craze between specified diesel pickup truck owners to intentionally coal-roll Tesla cars, which will make great perception from the perspective of a silly and ignorant diesel driver. This driver presently went to fantastic lengths to make his truck even worse for the environment, so why not also use it to focus on “clear” cars. Additionally, Tesla’s vehicles are effortless to spot as they stand out between the crowd and do not look like any other vehicles on the highway.


Luckily, all Tesla cars occur conventional with a constructed-in dashcam (TeslaCam), which can be applied to seize footage of this sort of incidents to share with the police. We positive hope this Tesla owner noted the incident and the truck driver is billed.