Venture BluMajik 1995 Ford F-350 Makeover

The grand reveal of BluMajik, our freshly built-over 1995 Ford F-350 dually, is imminent. And, for all intents and applications, it will be the icing on a venture cake that has been proverbially baking for a really long time.

Ideally you have previously read the recent posts that editorially and pictorially recap this create effort’s history and detail the phase that is now coming to a close, including a total coloration change—from Extremely White to Metallic Blue—using a Raceskinz-made vinyl wrap as an alternative of paint.

A critique of these content listed here, in this article, and listed here will convey you up to pace on the subject areas that have been covered so much in the miniseries. You can also lookup: “Job Large White” or “Venture BluMajik” in this website for all associated written content.

As car or truck modification goes, the wheels-and-tires up grade literally is timeless. Throwing new boots on a pickup quite a few moments is its first mod. This retains real for our dually, as upgrading from 16-inch Alcoa spun-aluminum wheels and Hankook tires (that were being on the truck when acquired) to 17-inch solid Weld wheels and Toyo Open up Nation H/T rubber, was one of the really initially modifications that came to our rig.

Although the connect with to phase up to even bigger wheels was tempting, we elected to stay with the 17s. BluMajik will even now operate, tow, and be made use of routinely. And when the assortment of stylish 20- and 22-inch wheels is enormous at this issue, we are far more inclined to maintain a mix that is purposeful and isn’t going to require adapters, spacers, or modifying the truck by itself in buy to make it get the job done. We also currently have 17-inch steel wheels (they’re Dodge Ram parts) for the inside of tires, so it just would make sense to depart the sizing static.

Producing an aftermarket wheel collection for a two-wheel-generate OBS (1992 to 1997) Ford dually is a challenging job. Unfortunately, pickin’s for the identical super-interesting patterns that are obtainable for newer rigs are fairly significantly nil, mainly due to fitment.

The more recent wheels are ginormous and just you should not bolt specifically onto OBS hubs and these. Sure, this unquestionably is discouraging, but there is certainly no straightforward way to make them operate. (We are striving to get new-kid-on-the-block DDC Wheels to arrive up with a fuss-no cost set up for the OBS group. The enterprise presents fireplace-scorching wheel types for new rigs. Time will explain to no matter if they will at any time handle the classics.)

Luckily, Mayhem Wheels is nonetheless seeking out for the typical Ford rigs—especially duallys—and provides a series that’s specifically intended for the 6-wheelers. We picked the 17-inch “Monstir” rims for BluMajik and are counting on them to bring all of the truck’s beauty alterations whole circle.

Toyo Tires’ Open Nation LT235/80R17 is continue to the go-to rubber for our dually. Even so, we are now employing the H/T II, a new-compound/new-tread pattern current edition of the initial-gen tire (primary H/T is on the remaining in the side-by-aspect comparison photos). The H/T series is excellent for our rig since the tire is sturdy and manufactured for highway driving in dry or damp situations, and for towing, which continues to be one of BluMajik’s most important duties.

We know you might be in all probability expecting payoff pictures of the new wheels and tires installed on our task truck. People images are coming in our subsequent and last installment on this makeover collection. Remain tuned. We will officially expose Project BluMajik pretty before long.

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