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Europe exports more than 5.7 million automobiles annually. The European auto market has set high standards for the auto industry. Whether we’re talking about luxury cars or standard sedans and compact cars, you can’t go wrong with these vehicles. 

The parts industry also produces plenty of aftermarket components that you can buy whenever it’s time for an automobile repair. These tips will help you learn more about European aftermarket parts.

What Makes Aftermarket Parts a Good Idea

There are several advantages to buying aftermarket vehicle parts for your European car. The main benefit that most car owners notice is that they are less expensive than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. 

European aftermarket parts are also more widely available since you aren’t limited to those made by the original manufacturer. Aftermarket parts democratize things and give you the option to go with the best parts maker available, regardless of brand name.

Many aftermarket parts also rival those created by the OEM parts maker. You can find these third-party options whether you need parts for a BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, or other lines of vehicles.

So, which aftermarket parts are available, and how can you choose?

New Brakes and Brake Pads

You always need to choose the best brakes and brake pads that you can find. This is a matter of your personal safety, so your aftermarket brakes need to hold up as well as, or even better than, the OEM versions. 

New brake pads can cost you $150 or more, and it is money that you’ll be happy to spend when you see how safe they can keep your vehicle. These brakes will interact with your car’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and will help you maintain a safe stopping distance.

Aftermarket brake pads are produced with a wider variety of materials, including aramid fibers and organic compounds. 

Engine Car Parts

Parts for your engine are some of the most sought-after European aftermarket parts. Buying parts like mufflers, new cylinder heads, and crankshafts can all help you keep the engine running correctly while also improving your horsepower. 

You can also get incredible performance out of your engine by getting it tuned or replacing the engine control unit (ECU). Look into multiple aftermarket part vendors and make sure that the variety you’re buying fits the exact year, make, and model of car that you’re looking into.

Get your car inspected to find out whether it’s best to go with an OEM part or if you will get the required level of performance from your vehicle by going with a third-party brand. 

Improved Transmission Parts

Upgrading car performance depends on finding the best transmission parts on the market. When you want top-tier performance from an automobile, manual transmissions are always your best bet.

They can change to more gear options, allow for more control, and are more fuel efficient than automatic transmissions. 

Improving your transmission might mean acquiring new parts for it, such as a brand new clutch, synchronizer ring, bearings, or main shaft. 

That said, you can still get amazing performance out of your automatic transmission. This might involve purchasing performance parts for it, such as a new torque converter or planetary gear set.

Your transmission is arguably the second most important car part that determines its performance, so shop wisely for new parts and resolve to take care of it.  

Wheels and Tires

Your vehicle can’t get the best performance without paying careful attention to the wheels and tires. Buying custom wheels that elevate your vehicle’s handling and safety make this one of the best car mods that you can make. 

Check with your manufacturer’s manual to see the best size of the tires that are intended for your vehicle. This means checking for things like the radius, gear ratio, diameter, and height. Find out which tire brands are the best, and hunt down some stylish, high-performing wheels to go with them. 

The wheels might be made from alloy materials such as titanium, magnesium, chrome, and aluminum. Go with a blend of longevity and performance anytime you’re shopping for a new set of rims.  

A New Air Intake

Drivers regularly search for new air intake systems to make their vehicles run better. This improves the air-to-fuel ratio and will help your car get excellent fuel economy. 

You can find a carbon fiber intake for your vehicle to get better performance. It will make the engine last longer, burn less gas, and expel fewer and cleaner fumes.  

Brand New Lights

Being able to see the road and be seen means everything for drivers. Upgrading your light systems can help with this. Drivers today are switching to high-powered LED lights because they work better and are more reliable. 

You can make this technological switch for your regular headlights, high beams, brake lights, turn signals, and any other lights that your car uses. A new set of LED bulbs today can cost you as little as $11, so it doesn’t have to be a costly upgrade.  

The Search for European Aftermarket Parts

Finding European aftermarket parts gives you the chance to find some phenomenal deals on everything that your car needs. Every decision that you make enhances the way that your vehicle drives, so start shopping for some performance parts that’ll make a difference. 

Here at UroTuning, we have the aftermarket parts that you are looking for when you need the best for any make or model. Check out some of our sales and deals and browse our parts inventory for your next purchase!

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