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With turnabout getting good participate in and all, it is only right that we give Ford’s Excursion equal time, with a collection of 10 studies about the large sport-utility rig that were being originally posted in Truckin, TruckTrend, Diesel Ability, and 8-Lug journals.

If you faithfully comply with our top rated-10 rundowns, you have currently study the tale highlighting Chevy’s Suburban. The Ford Tour was introduced in 1999, in essence, as an “answer” for Suburban, which for a long time fully owned the fullsize-SUV market.

Launched on a Super Duty F-250 chassis, the Excursion was 19 ft extensive, 6-toes, 8-inches huge, and 77.2 inches tall. As in general proportions go, it was the large in the section by considerably, and during the massive rig’s 1999-2006 output run, 5.4L gas and 7.3L and 6.0L diesel V-8, as properly as a gasoline 6.8L V-10 were being its only powerplants.

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Today, even though Tour has a massive next (specifically diesel-driven styles), the SUV in the end isn’t going to have the exact same enormous admirer foundation its Chevrolet nemesis celebrates. We imagine they’re interesting, and based mostly on the tailor made creations that have come from them, other enthusiasts do, way too.


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