10 Best Nitrous Oxide Tales on TruckTrend.com

We near out our glance at power adders with this breakdown of the top 10 nitrous oxide articles or blog posts that have appeared on trucktrend.com. In superior-efficiency purposes, nitrous oxide, also identified as “spray,” “juice,” “nitrous,” or the uber-generic “NOS (nawwws),” is pound for pound the most low-cost upgrade for escalating motor functionality.

For individuals who are acquainted with the conditions but not the actual material, nitrous is a gasoline that considerably lowers the temperature of consumption air when it’s injected into an engine at substantial pressure (by variably sized brass metering supplements and spray bars or nozzles). By supercooling air, its density improves and a lot more oxygen is developed, which in flip lets a lot more gas to be burned. In the end, the gains promote better combustion, which success in additional power and torque.

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In some scenarios, specifically for diesels, juice is used to market faster turbo spooling. On some supercharged and turbocharged engines, it can provide as an advertisement hoc primary or secondary intercooler. General, nonetheless, nitrous is principally a energy enhancer on gasoline- and diesel-powered trucks.

Whilst the topic has been coated by all of MotorTrend Group’s aftermarket efficiency titles, manufacturers these kinds of as Diesel Electric power and Truckin’ have the pickup truck defeat perfectly protected, with tech experiences and posts featuring rigs that are boosted by spray.

This is a group of top 10 nitrous oxide articles or blog posts on trucktrend.com. Even though NOS (the gasoline, not the model) is the underdog in the electric power adder match, it truly is nonetheless a single of the most effective bangs for the buck an enthusiast can set up on a pickup’s motor.

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1997 Dodge Ram “Dacuda”

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