4 Top Quality Tire Brands For Your Car

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Looking for the best tire brands for your car? These are the industry’s top offerings to help you narrow your search.

Tires are the most important part of cars — especially if you care about your safety. If you are reading this article, then you probably agree with the assertion above. Don’t you agree? Visit Reviewsbird.com to read customer reviews of tires.

You need a good grip on the road if you want to enjoy a cruise through the street. And that’s what a good tire can give you. 

There are many factors to consider before getting a tire. You must choose between traction and tread life or high performance and fuel efficiency, for example. No tire can pack all qualities. However, some tire brands are better than others. You can find these brands on tire dealerships like prioritytire

Amidst such an abundance of tire brands, it can be tough to choose. This article will explore the top five picks in the market. 

 1. Michelin

No surprises. If the brand has been around since 1889, then it means they are doing something right, right? Longevity is a positive sign in any industry. Michelin is the household name when it comes to performance tires. 

Their design philosophy, Total Performance™, allows them to merge many performances with nearly everything a driver needs. Michelin is the best pick if you want to make a quick tire choice without compromising performance, 

 2. Continental

German-engineered and tested. When it comes to machines, a German stamp grants it some level of credence. Continental tires undergo thorough testing. They boast that their tires circle the world 5,000 times every year before they are okay for everyday life. That’s some serious reassurance. 

Like Michelin, Continental has been here for nearly two centuries. And they are the first to develop grooved tires for passenger use. Grooved tires allow you to cruise comfortably on a snowy winter day or through gravel with minimal wear. 

 3. Yokohama

The name gives off Tokyo Drift vibes, doesn’t it? Well, your vibe check is correct. Yokohama has been involved in car racing (most notably, as the supplier of the famous Le Mans series), so they know how to whip up a good tire. But it goes beyond that.  They are pioneers in the use of nanotechnology in tire production; they also tirelessly work to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Every year since 2007, they have planted 500,000 trees. Getting a Yokohama means you drive safely and also contribute to the safety of the next generation. Note that the company Yokohama is also Advan — just in case you find it under a different name in your locality.

 4. Goodyear

Goodyear is a leading tire brand — they go beyond car tires. They also make airplanes and motorcycle tires. Like Yokohama, Goodyear is also quite innovative. Recently, they launched their reCharge tire. 

The Recharge tire uses Artificial Intelligence and customized capsules to configure your tire based on your driving. This tire is — wait for it — biodegradable, as it uses biological material. The tire is toughened by one of the strongest materials in the world — spider silk.

Honorable mentions to Dunlop, Pirelli, and Bridge Stone. 

The tire you get depends on the kind of driving you do, the terrain, and the season. Whatever your choice, the tire brands here are the best you can get.