Caravan Clothes shop Nissan Frontier Outpost Camper Truck: The Very affordable Overlander

As opposed to TruckHouse’s get the job done, the Caravan Outfitter’s mods here are true uncomplicated. Very first, you have to have a truck. For Caravan, the truck in query is a 2020 Nissan Frontier—with the new 310-hp V-6 and 9-speed computerized transmission combo that’ll show up in the heavily revised 2022 Frontier, as nicely. The principal improvement listed by Caravan Outfitter is the Ikamper Skycamp Mini roof tent, which has been mounted on a significant Yakima-brand name rack that sits atop the Nissan’s pickup mattress.

The Yakima rack also holds a established of restoration boards for finding the truck out of restricted spots, and there is a Yeti Tundra 45-quart cooler—which you can only get if you pre-purchase the rig, for some reason—for having you into comfortable, chilly-beverage-enjoyment places. Caravan Clothing store also provides a established of all-terrain tires to make the Frontier perhaps a touch far better off-street whilst wanting the enterprise. And, which is it.

These upgrades could not look like they amount to much, but you never need to go all out to explore the outdoors (typically, the onboard tent does the weighty lifting!). Plus, with the truck bed not taken up by an full mini residence, there is place for other off-highway and experience addenda that you could basically use even though not sleeping. Sure, it really is minimalist, but for $39,894—truck included—it ought to get the occupation completed just high-quality.