Carvana Can Start Selling Cars In Illinois Again But Under Strict Guidelines

Less than two weeks after authorities in Illinois blocked Carvana from selling vehicles in the state, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office has issued a stay on its order.

This stay will allow Carvana to sell vehicles in Illinois but it must follow a number of strict guidelines. For example, it will be required to register titles through Illinois remitters and must post a $250,000 bond to pay for any fines or fees incurred by customers resulting from Carvana failing to follow the law. Carvana will also be unable to issue temporary registration permits or license plates.

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“My top commitment is protecting the interests and well-being of Illinois consumers,” Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White said in a statement. “I applaud the Illinois Secretary of State Police for their ongoing efforts to protect customers. We will continue to work with Carvana in a concerted effort to ensure that every customer is properly served.”

Speaking with Auto News, spokesman for the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, Henry Haupt, said that Carvana’s paperwork remains under review and that the Secretary of State’s police department can reinstate the suspension order at any stage.

“We’re pleased to report that we’ve resumed normal service in the State of Illinois,” Carvana said. “Carvana delivered all previously purchased vehicles during this recent period as we discussed the situation with the State. We aim to continue demonstrating how our customer-centric business model is transforming the experiences and expectations of buyers and sellers of used cars.”