June 30, 2022


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HMG Patents Ondol System, to be Premiered on GV90

Again in September 2021, Genesis offered numerous concepts for the long term automobiles taking benefit of the premiere of its initially dedicated EV, the GV60. These have been various technologies but the one is currently patented and verified for production is a new heating procedure inspired by the Korean “Ondol” heating, to be premiered on the GV90.

Hyundai Motor Group needed to present the most at ease shifting practical experience for passengers by way of the interior room of the Mobility Ondol. The boarding house has been intended so that passengers can entirely rest even though traveling. It can also be seen that the entrance and rear seats are symmetrically configured to deal with each and every other, which emphasizes interaction amongst passengers.

As it is a mobility focused on rest room, the automobile physique of Mobility Ondol boasts a bigger area than present automobiles many thanks to its large all round top and extended wheelbase. Because electric power is applied as electrical power, the floor is outfitted with a huge-capacity battery like any other pure electric powered car. In addition, the absolutely free place in between the seat and the battery can be utilised as a cargo storage place or an auxiliary battery depending on the function of mobility or the owner’s alternative. With the doorway open, there is a footrest and a independent storage space on the indoor area flooring, building it less complicated to get on and off.

Mobility Ondol has a special seat framework so that travellers can just take the most relaxed place attainable. The simple sitting down posture is not substantially different from using in a normal car or truck. However, there is a folding desk inside the doorway trim, so it can be utilised in a variety of strategies, this sort of as putting matters on or owning a food. In addition, the doorway trim pocket has been transformed into a storage house as huge as a glove box.

There is an additional reason why the identify of this new thought mobility is ‘Ondol’. This is for the reason that element of the mobility heating system is influenced by the regular heating approach of ondol working with warmth conduction. The warmth supply is the battery. The theory is to increase the all round heating performance of mobility by using the heat of the battery produced by the procedure of electric powered autos. Based on this electrical power harvesting notion, Hyundai Motor Group is exploring a heating technique utilizing PE system and battery squander heat recovery know-how.

Hyundai Motor Team strategies to total the optimum heating program by complexly applying the heating construction utilizing the residual heat of the mobility ondol and the indirect heating technologies of the radiant warmth hotter. Currently, the one of a kind seat composition of Mobility Ondol and the heating composition making use of battery heat have done patent applications in major nations all over the environment these types of as the United States, Japan, China, and Europe. there is. Hyundai Motor Group will not cease developing technological know-how so that the mobility that will look just before our eyes is positioned as a property that delivers the best mobility working experience.