How has the educational system been impacted by Covid based technology

Can technology help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on education systems in  Europe and Central Asia?

As avid students or learners, you and your educators would have noticed by now the impacts Covid on the education sector has had since the outbreak and even post. Henceforth, due to the pandemic, there have been several technological advancements made to ensure that all students are equipt with devices that would keep them in constant contact with their teachers; even though most schools have gone back to the standard way of teaching, the tech part has now become part of everyday lives of students seeking education and support with their studies. However, you might not be sure as to how the pandemic has changed things in the education sector, either for the good or the bad, therefore reading various articles and reviews on sites such as mahzooz legit can give you some indication as to how the education industry has been impacted in terms of technology by Covid 19. In addition, you might also come upon articles and snippets of information on how the pandemic has affected society as a whole and not just the educational sector, students, teachers, and administrators. Additionally, when reading up on this matter, it is clear that the world has evolved around it, and things are about or have already changed for the better or, the worse. 

And what about the teachers? 

It has been surveyed that several teachers and their educational technology skills have improved since the pandemic of Covid-19. However, some might disagree as not all teachers have access to technology-based devices; compared to students, this might also be the case, and this is where the lack of proper education leaks through. And this is why, among many others, educators hold a different view on how technology evolved into something for the better compared to some world or district leaders. However, since the pandemic, some teachers have been fully committed to teaching online only, while a small percentage still uphold the old-fashioned way of teaching one-on-one. And this is also the case during post-pandemic as various teachers have started to branch out their skills again offline. 

The problems with students

It is a proven fact that students attending online classes during the pandemic of Covid have shown significant growth in their studies; however, for most students, this was not a reality as some families still struggle financially and cannot always afford such technology-based devices, however in some families it has been found that one device is shared amongst the whole family, making the education of the student a little more difficult to that of their peers who can afford devices such as tablets or laptops easily achievable by wealthier families. In addition, during the stressful time of the pandemic, many students fell behind in their studies. With online educational platforms, this made them barely pass, or some did not make it even though state departments tried to avoid this time having such an impact on society and students, especially those in high school trying to graduate and become active members of the community. 

In retrospect

In summary, when looking back at the pandemic of Covid-19, there were substantial increases in the use of educational platforms and classes utilized by students, educators, and administrators alike. However, since then, many students still need help with post-pandemic, and there has yet to be a clear indication of whether the technology industry made any difference in how children learned or if it would have a longer-lasting effect afterward. However, the indicators show that whether or not students and teachers initialized this aspect successfully, positive and negative attributes are connected to it. 

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