Most popular cars in Norway that you can also buy!

The top car brands of the world are doing well in Norway. Authorities have recorded ground-breaking sales of famous models of these car companies in Norway as its locals invest a significant amount of money in staying up to date in automobiles.

Furthermore, it is common to buy vehicles by taking a loan in Norway.  Because Norwegians have shifted towards electric cars, you will see that the automotive industry has a high demand for these latest car versions:

  1. Tesla Model Y

This model from Tesla takes the surging lead by 16.5% of shares among other cars sold in Norway by 2022. It is a highly resourceful car manufactured to satisfy its user in all aspects. The sleek look is impressive, and the interior is just as luxurious. It is spacious enough to take your family on long journeys by road. The comfortable seats and sophisticated gadgets installed inside this car are excellent features to appreciate. Norwegian reviews elaborate on the popularity of Tesla’s vehicles as people explain how convenient electric cars are for driving. The tax leniency on these cars has also prompted many people to prefer buying them.

  1. Volkswagen ID 4

According to Norwegian reviews, this automobile is second in line. Another electric vehicle to top the list, this SUV is a top choice for a premium driving experience. The exquisite look and bold design make this car stand out among others. The size and room offered by the Volkswagen ID 4 make it the perfect choice for families.

  1. BMW i4

Manufactured with the latest and most improved electric technology, this exclusive model is outstanding in appearance and performance. It gives off a high-class feel that is common to BMW vehicles. It is a best-seller in Norway and has sustained its popularity in the market. BMW’s durability, awe-inspiring style, and functionality continue to set market trends.

  1. Hyundai Ioniq 

The Hyundai company is not far behind in marking its fame among the people of Norway. You will recognize this new version on the streets of Norway as it has secured a lot of sales this year. Hyundai has made a prominent appearance on the market with the introduction of battery-driven vehicles. This model is also an SUV and is known for providing extra space at a reasonable price. 

  1. Toyota RAV 4

The evident reason for Toyota’s new launch in 2022 is the sports built of this model. The sturdy design and rugged gear of this car make it an ideal purchase for those looking for adventure on the road. You can take this vehicle out on rocky and mountainous terrain without damaging its exterior. Buyers have given excellent reviews of its comfortable interior, ensuring a smooth experience. 


The famous cars in Norway follow a similar trend in available features. Electric vehicles have left petrol-driven cars far behind as an environment-friendly source is a new trend. Less pollution and a finer driving experience are perfect for a developed country like Norway. The locals there have to travel in tricky climates and road conditions, which makes them buy cars that give a reliable performance.  


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