Rivian Electric Automobile Applies for K-Change Method Patent

Rivian’s K-transform mode is a technique that reportedly allows its motor vehicles to fundamentally tighten up the turning radius and make extremely hard turns achievable. Presumably—and ironically—this mode avoids any need to have to futz with a k-convert (also acknowledged as a 3-stage change) simply because of its capability to convert the Rivian on its axis.

In accordance to Rivian’s patent software, “The K-transform mode is engaged in reaction to figuring out that an total that at the very least a single of the entrance wheels of the motor vehicle is turned exceeds a switch threshold. Even though working in the K-change method, forward torque is offered to the front wheels of the car or truck. Even more, backward torque is presented to the rear wheels of the motor vehicle. Yet additional, the rear wheels of the car remain considerably in static get hold of with [the] ground even though the front wheels slip in relation to the floor. “

The traditional transmissions of gasoline and diesel trucks don’t make it possible for for the entrance and rear wheels to rotate in both Push and Reverse simultaneously and independently the ability to management backward torque to the rear wheels and forward torque to the entrance wheels, based on method input, is an benefit for electric powered motor vehicles.

It really is not the to start with time we’ve viewed this kind of restricted-turning action from the Rivian. Again in December 2019, Rivian produced a video of its “quad-motor tank flip”, which confirmed a Rivian R1T spinning by itself foolish in the filth. Most likely this K-turn mode requires that thought to the pavement by incorporating a steering component—or it’s possible it is really some extension or achievement of that technological innovation.

A “front dig manner,” which offers ahead torque to the entrance wheels of the auto although implementing resistance to the internal back wheel and ahead torque to the outer back wheel, is applied on turns that are tight, but not limited sufficient to require complete steering wheel lock. The entrance dig is sort of like a transform booster, potentially acting like a quad-steer setup. It looks like the K-transform manner activates when you exceed steering lock. We are unsure how the program will interact the K-change mode—maybe you hold it at lock to activate, or it locks and then moves marginally beyond? On the other hand it activates, very tight turns that would typically have to have reversing would be accomplished in one shot many thanks to the Rivian pivoting all-around the rear axle.

How does this glance in real lifestyle? We’re not absolutely sure, but we have some guesses. Dread producing a few-point turns on congested and reasonably narrow streets? Parking large amount also restricted to park in a location? Accomplish the unthinkable in a single shot. Off-highway path will come to a dead-end or worse still, satisfy one more rig head-on with no place to get all over? No additional concern of wedging your truck or SUV among two stout trees (insert Austin Powers golf cart scene) or careening down a hillside right after leaving it in reverse for a split next much too extensive for the duration of just one of way-much too-several K-turns. It would seem that if any part of the trail was extensive enough to healthy the duration of the Rivian, it could shimmy alone 180 levels. It appears to be plausible that the K-change manner could assistance out with many off-road road blocks that involve limited steering and intricate navigation.

Not to dislike on Rivian’s likely K-switch mode, but we’re inwardly hoping the organization patents a J-switch mode, too.