Sash Window Repairs Tips and Guidelines

Sash Window Repairs Tips and Guidelines

Sash windows are made up of one or two panels, which also serve as the frame that holds the pane of glass. The panels in these types of windows are moveable and often slide vertically or horizontally.

The design of these windows was first introduced by an English inventor, Robert Hooke, and the first ones are believed to be installed in late 16th Century. Such window designs are still used in most parts of the United Kingdom, as they represent the period architecture and culture. Even though, this window style seems practical and historical, it requires regular maintenance and repairs for proper functioning.

Sash window repairs is very important to keep the windows in proper shape and function. Sometimes, sash window repairs may not require any professional help and can be done by capable individuals who have sufficient knowledge and the right set of tools.

Firstly, to start off with the window repair, you will need to check the mechanism of the sash windows. There are mainly three types of mechanisms:

  • single hung sash,
  • double hung sash
  • and horizontal sliding sash.

After checking the window mechanism, the next step is to gather the right set of tools. The tools that would be required for sash window repairs typically include

  • lubricants,
  • utility knife,
  • stiff puffy knife,
  • hammer,
  • rope
  • and screwdriver.

To start the repair job, you will need to remove the window and window casing very carefully in order to open up the panel cover.

When panel cover is open, the sash cord, the weight and the pulley will become visible. Next step is to lubricate and clean the pulleys. After, lubricating next process is to replace the old cord with new one as the cord gets frayed over time.

Then the weights need to be secured, which is done by tieing a knot at the end of each sash cord. After this, you will need to put back the weights in the jamb and to slide back into the panel.

At this step the repair and the maintenance is done, and now window should be checked for its proper functioning.

If, after following all these steps, window still seems jammed, then the last option is considering replacement wooden windows as the last resort.

Replacement wooden windows can be done by hiring professionals. However, people who do not want to spend their money on professional can also replace them on their own. Just like repairing the wooden sash windows, the process replacing the wooden sash windows just need to follow some simple steps for the right people.

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