What Kind Of Insurance Is Needed When I Rent A Car In Denmark?

What Kind Of Insurance Is Needed When I Rent A Car In Denmark?

Rent a Car in Denmark: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Many Danish company reviews give head ups on the modus operandi of the operating companies in Denmark and, sometimes, outside of it. Narrowing it down to the insurance companies in Denmark, specifically car insurance, what kind of insurance would be needed when a person rents a car in Denmark because it is not an actual car purchase? 

Different kinds of insurance cut across different systems depending on the reasons and nature of the property insured. This article is structured to explain the specific type of insurance that applies to renting a car in Denmark. Car companies in Denmark have as well been saddled with the responsibility of making durable cars so that car insurance companies are not constantly subject to damage payment.

What Specific Insurance Type Is Needed In Denmark Upon Renting A Car?

Because car rental and car purchase are different, different insurance types apply to them; this is to match their respective specificity and ideality. As well as the taxes paid for them. Besides, the Danish taxation system functions so that individuals pay according to their earnings. Below are the types of insurance needed for car rentals in Denmark. 

1. Collision damage waiver (CDW)

Collision damage waiver is one of the insurance types that applies to car rentals in Denmark. This type of insurance is optional and depends on varying factors, like where the car is being driven or the car type. Customers opting for this insurance type pay an additional fee aside from that which is charged for rentals. 

The essence of this type of insurance is limited to covering a loss from possible damage or theft. It doesn’t apply to bodily damages resulting from an accident with the insured car. 

Rules and regulations for collision damage waiver in Denmark

Some insurance regulations mandate that certain cars can be driven into Western Europe; based on this agreement, it’s restriction-free. However, some luxury cars have restrictions with imitation on being driven in certain countries. 

More importantly, regardless of car type, rented and insured Denmark cars do not have the luxury of being driven into; Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Belarus, Croatia, Slovakia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Bosnia, Albania, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, and Montenegro. 

2. Personal Accident Insurance(PAI)

Personal accident insurance is needed for car rentals in Denmark. It is a type of insurance in case of an accident, covering emergency and medical costs of a person during the car rental period. Depending on the specific PAI type, this insurance can cover the driver and the passenger or solely the driver. 


Looking for car rental insurance in Denmark is not as difficult as people have made it seem. The different types are suitable for different reasons, depending on the varying individual needs and how susceptible they are to some possible negative turnouts of events. Since these insurances would save the day, keeping the regulations that guide them is paramount. A class of people feels the needlessness of these insurances. However, it’s better to have a thing and not need it than to need it and not have it. 

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