First Photos Leak from Dealer Meeting

Update: Toyota has decided to fight fire with fire. After murky images of the new Tundra leaked out this morning, Toyota responded by posting a much higher quality picture of the white truck you see before you on Twitter—along with a coy tweet aimed at whoever spilled the beans earlier today. 

The first photos of what appear to be the 2022 Toyota Tundra have surfaced online, allegedly leaked from a virtual reveal for dealers. Someone then posted the leaked photos of the new Tundra to the TundraCrew Facebook group, where they propagated to the wider internet via

The real surprises come at the rear—our first peek at the Tundra’s rump reveals interesting tri-bar taillights and, on this TRD Pro, another set of amber marker lights atop the tailgate to match those on the front grille. There are plenty of chunky plastic body armor elements all over the truck, too.

So far there are no photos of the truck’s interior, nor of any Tundra models beneath the off-road-focused TRD Pro trim pictured here. (In today’s Tundra lineup, the TRD Pro sits near the top of the heap and includes upgraded shocks, a suspension lift, and special styling elements.) The new Tundra will be formally revealed to the world—not just screengrab-itchy dealers—later this year.